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Author Stephani Hecht

A little nice and a lot of naughty

Amber Allure Books

Scott Cooper has never liked the holidays. When his best friend, Madison, asks him to travel to her childhood home to celebrate Christmas, he can’t refuse fast enough. Scott doesn’t even get along with his own family, so the last thing he wants is to get saddled with her relatives for a whole week of snow and holiday cheer. Madison is very good at getting what she wants, though. Before he knows it, Scott finds himself in for a seventeen-hour drive back to their home state of Michigan.

Just as Scott is adjusting to the idea of having to deal with her crazy family, he discovers that Madison’s very sexy younger brother, Anson, will be traveling back to Michigan with them. Not only is Anson still in college, but he’s the baby of her family – both of which should make him hands off for Scott. To Scott’s horror and joy, however, Anson doesn’t want Scott to keep his hands to himself. The younger man immediately makes it clear Scott is the only present he wants to unwrap for Christmas.

Now Scott finds himself fighting his new found 

attraction to Anson while struggling to manage all the crazy Madison’s family is dealing out: Grandpa, drunk Aunt Nora, and the Christmas tree have gone missing, and Madison is suddenly jealous of Anson. This certainly isn’t the picture-perfect holiday celebration Madison promised him! But holiday miracles can happen to anyone, or so Scott wants to believe. It will take true magic for he and Anson to survive with their sanity intact, let alone for them to find a happily ever after.


...Madison parked the car, but left it running. “You stay here and I’ll go in and get him. Anson is such a slow poke we’ll be waiting out here forever if I don’t hurry him along.”

After she left, Scott busied himself by trying to find a decent radio station, only to discover that each and every one seemed to be playing holiday music. “Little Drummer Boy.” No. “The Twelve Days of Christmas.” Not again, since he’d already suffered through it twice on the ride over. “Frosty the Snowman.” Damn it, couldn’t that guy melt already? “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer.” Hell, no! Not even if he’d actually been in the holiday spirit.

He finally found a station playing eighties’ songs. With a sigh of relief, he closed his eyes and let himself get lost in the familiar beat of “West End Girls.” Niiiiiice…he’d take this over Rudolph any day.

A loud knock on the window jerked Scott out of his appreciation for the Pet Shop Boys. Looking at the source, he saw a tall, muscular, blond, gift-from-the-gods, man standing by the passenger side window.

“Looks like Santa brought my Christmas present early,” Scott mumbled before he rolled down the window.

The blond cocked his head slightly to the side before he leaned in closer. From the new angle, Scott could see how the man’s eyes were the deepest blue. His cock swelled in appreciation. He’d always had a thing for blond hair and blue eyes. This newcomer could not have met his wet dreams more perfectly.

Then the guy opened his trap. “Dude, you haven’t changed one bit in three years.”

Scott’s mouth dropped as he shook his head. No, no, no! This had to be some sick kind of joke. “Anson?” he croaked out around a suddenly dry throat.

“Were you expecting someone else?” Anson asked, his full lips twisting in a crooked grin.

Damn, no one should have a smile that sexy and cute.

“No, it’s just that you don’t look like…well, you,” Scott stammered like some kind of idiot.

“Three years is a long time, Scotty, plus I’ve been eating both my spinach and Wheaties.”

The sarcastic comment hit Scott like a snowball to the face. Well, it was obvious that, while Anson may have done some growing up on the outside, inside still lurked a little brat. Scott started to tell him as much, but Madison returned.

“There you are,” she called from the sidewalk. “I went to your room so I could help you carry your luggage.”

Anson straightened up. The move made sure his groin came exactly level with Scott’s face. Despite himself, Scott couldn’t help but notice how large and tempting the denim-covered bulge appeared.

“I have only one bag,” Anson called back, appearing to be completely oblivious to the situation into which he’d just placed Scott.

Madison frowned. “Aren’t you planning to stay for the rest of your winter break?”

Anson laughed, and if Scott wasn’t mistaken, the kid seemed to lean in more so his cock moved closer. All Scott would have to do was turn his face and he could practically kiss the thing. Unwanted, the image of him doing exactly that popped into his head. He could almost see himself slowly lowering Anson’s zipper, then pulling out the man’s dick so he could fully worship it. And he could almost hear the sweet noises Anson would make as he got sucked off. Would he be one of those low-moaning types? Or maybe the kind who lets out breathless gasps?

“I think a few days of family fun are all I’m going to be able to stomach,” Anson answered Madison. “Unless I want to become a raging alcoholic like Aunt Nora.”

“Well, we wouldn’t want that,” she returned easily.

Anson swiveled his hips so his cock nearly brushed against Scott’s face. Okay there was no doubt that the brat was doing it on purpose. Scott felt torn between getting pissed off, or from letting out a groan of appreciation. Because even he couldn’t help but admit, Anson had grown up very nicely...