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Author Stephani Hecht

A little nice and a lot of naughty

The Sensual World of Stephani Hecht


The Chronicles of Shane-Part Four

Posted on May 21, 2012 at 11:15 PM Comments comments (97)

Shane jerked, both of surprise and the fact that he’d actually let himself be caught so off guard. That never happened to him.  Or at least, it never used to.   
He let out a sigh turning to study the annoyance that had dared to disturbed his daydreaming. While the rest of the coalition called the Fox shifter, Dr. North, Shane preferred to call him, the Devil, Mind-fucker or Dr. Evil. Of course, Shane never bothered to say any of those behind the guy. What fun would that be? No, he said it right to North’s face.   
Damned it North had remained stoic through the whole thing and refused to show any emotion. Shane didn’t know whether to be pissed or impressed. In the past, he’d always managed to get everybody in his life to the pissing kittens stage of mad. Even Shane’s mate, Trevor, got angry at Shane and they were mates.   
“Did you grow up in Japan?” Shane asked as he batted at a ball of yarn that was on the coffee table.   

Hello, irony!  

Other than that, the room was as bland as North’s personality. Hell, he didn’t even have the ink blobs pictures. Which would have been a nice way to break up the boring brown furniture, the burnt orange walls and the thick carpet that was…sigh…brown.   
“We’re not here to talk about me,” North replied.   

Shane went on as if he hadn’t heard. “The reason I ask is because it’s obvious that one of your parents was Japanese, while the other came from China.”   
For the first time ever, a flicker of emotion passed over North’s face. It was so brief that had it been anybody else they would have missed it. But, then again, Shane wasn’t just anybody else. He’d been trained to notice things like that. In fact, the skill had saved his ass one more than one occasion.   
“I gotta wonder how your grandparents felt about that.” Shane tilted his head to the side.   
“I wouldn’t know. My father’s parents never contact us and my mother left right after I was born,” North replied.   
While he may have been trying to keep his voice neutral, Shane could still hear the hurt. It made him feel bad. Again, something that never would have used to happen to him. Shit, while he loved having Trevor and Ava in his life, Shane hated how his new-found ability to love made him weaker.   
He batted at the yarn as the guilt ate at him. Damn, it! When had he grown so soft? Next, he’d be saving starving kittens and crying that those Sarah McLachlan commercials.   
“It could be worse, my mother sold me off to a sadistic monster,” Shane offered in way of repayment.   
North sat forward, his forearms resting on his knees. Shane had to admit the guy was pretty hot, in the whole intellectual, I’m-smarter-than-you kind of way. The Fox even managed to make dress pants and a sweater look sexy.   Not that Shane would ever make a move on anybody else. He had Trevor and there wasn’t anything that Shane would ever trade him away for. Shane just could see why certain members of the coalition had it so bad for the good doctor.   

“How does it make you feel to know that your mother did that?” North asked.   

Shane snorted. “I met the bitch, so I realize that I got the best side of the shitty, stick life threw at me. While my master may have been cruel and meaner than Gacey and Bundy together, it was still better than being with her. At least my master had invested in me, so it was in his best interest to keep me alive.”   
“But, didn’t your mother save your life when she sold you in the first place? Otherwise, your father would have killed you before you were even a month old.”   
“It was just a moment of softness on her part. I’m sure it was the first and only one she ever had in her short miserable life. I hold no delusions when it comes to her. Plus, there are some that would argue that killing me at birth would have been the more merciful option.”   
“Do you believe that? That the world would be better off dead without you?”   
Shane grinned down at the ball of yarn. “Have I ever told you about my first kill?”   

It was really a hypothetical question, since Shane had never shared that story with anybody. Not even Trevor and Shane knew for a fact that nothing could ever make his mate turn on him.   
“No,” North replied, his eyes narrowing in suspicion.   
Shane had to give the guy some credit. He knew that he was being set up for something, yet he still insisted on pushing on.   
“It was a human. Although some would call him a monster. He dealt in the slave market, but unlike most of the others he didn’t deal exclusively in humans or shifters. He bought and sold both. He only had one requirement, that the slaves in question be as young as possible.”   
Shane pause, but North didn’t say anything. Rolling the ball of yarn in his hands, Shane continued, “The slaver made the mistake of taking the wrong kid.  Which was really stupid on his part. Even somebody who knows little about how the shifter world works, realizes that it’s a huge mistake to mess with the only son of a Raven leader.”   
“So, the Raven hired you to get his son back?” North asked.   

“No, he hired my master. I was just the one sent to do the job. It was soooo easy, too. Even for a first time. I managed to sneak in and I gutted the guy before he could even cry for his guards.”   
“How were you able to sneak in?” North pressed.   
“I disguised myself as one of the slaves.”   
North swallowed hard, his face growing pale. “But, you said he only dealt in children.”   
“Yes, I did.”   
There was a long pause before North let out a soft curse. “How old were you?”   
“Jesus, you were so young.”   

Shane shrugged. “You want to know the really twisted thing about the whole thing. I didn’t feel bad about killing. In fact, I never have. I’ve been doing this for more than half my life, yet I never once gave a fuck.”   He finally gave his full attention to the Fox. “Tell me, Doctor, how many session will it take to fix that?”   
North just sat there, all deer-in-the-headlights. Shane got up and tossed the ball of yarn at him. North snapped out of it just in time to catch it. 

Reaching for the door, Shane said, “Don’t feel bad. You’ve just realized something that I’ve known all along, I’m broken and there’s no fixing me. I’m a monster just like that human. Only I’m evil in other ways.”   
Fixing him with a hard glare, North replied, “That’s not true.”   
Shane smirked, “What makes you so sure of that?”   
“Because a monster would never love Trevor and Ava. I see the way you look at them and I know they mean the world to you.”   
Damn, how Shane wanted to believe that. Then he thought back to all the lives he’d taken. Sure, most of the victims had been evil in their own way, but they’d still had souls. So, Shane should feel at least a niggle of guilt. Yet as he searched himself, he found nothing.   

Flashing his coldest smile, he said, “Well, as much fun as this chat was. I have a job.” 
North shivered, no doubt realized what kind of duty Shane would be performing. Only this time instead of it being because of the orders of his former master, Shane would be doing it to protect the coalition.   

“You do realize that you were around the same age,” North called. 

When Shane cocked his head in confusion, North continued, “You and Ava. You were around her age when you first killed somebody.”   

Letting out a small snarl, Shane snapped, “Ava is nothing like me and she never will be.”   

Shane then slammed the door and walked away.   

The Chronicles of Shane-Part Three

Posted on October 12, 2011 at 5:09 PM Comments comments (47)
Trevor got out of bed and slowly walked toward Shane.
Even in his wounded state, Shane’s body responded to the sensual way his mate moved. It was as all feline and graceful, yet sexy as hell at the same time. 
All Trevor wore were a pair of black sleeping pants, the waistband hanging low on his hips so it revealed his body perfectly. Shane could see it all, the way Trevor’s abs were firm, without being too muscular. How his chest was sleek and tan, the skin just begging to be licked and sucked. Most of all, Shane could make out the way the fabric tented over Trevor’s groin, showing that Shane wasn’t the only one aroused. 

That was one of the things that made Trevor so perfect of a mate. While others shied away when Shane showed up covered in blood and dirty from combat, it turned Trevor on. 

Not that he liked to see Shane hurt. No, Trevor was damn protective of his mate. It’s just that he liked the warrior in Shane. Not for the first time, Shane realized just how damn lucky he was to have his Panther. That is until a wave of pain shot through Shane and ripped him back into reality. 
Trevor frowned, his hand going out to touch Shane’s chest. “Shit, all this blood is yours. I hadn’t realized you were that hurt.” 
“I’ve had worse,” Shane protested, even as he began to feel a bit lightheaded. 
“You should have gone into the infirmary and had Jacyn or Doc Featherstone check you out.” 

“Nah, they just want to stick me with needles. In fact, I have a sneaky suspicion those two get off on poking sharp objects into people. And yet everybody says I’m the sadistic one.”

When Trevor didn’t so much as smile, Shane knew his attempt at humor failed. Worse yet, the scent of arousal that had been coming from Trevor dissipated, to be replaced with the sharp bite of anxiety. 
“Then you need to shift,” Trevor said, tilting his chin in that stubborn way of his. 
Shane balked. After years of serving under the iron rule of his former guardian, it had been instilled in Shane that shifting was forbidden. Even though Edward was dead and no longer in charge of Shane’s life, he still found himself cowing to the man’s old rules. Which was just ironic, since Shane was known for not following orders. Of course, his current leader would never think of torturing Shane for punishment as Edward had. Plus, Edward had raised Shane from infancy and had brainwashed Shane and his foster brothers. It was only after they’d come to their current feline coalition that they’d finally had a taste of real freedom. 
That still didn’t make certain things any easier. Shane had only shifted a few times since he’d come to the coalition and each time it had only been as a last resort. 
There was yet another reason he didn’t want to shift, too. This one even more daunting than Edward. It was because Shane was a Leopard and that breed of shifter was despised and feared by all other felines. 

Sure it was with good reason. Leopards had the well-deserved reputation of being bat-shit crazy and homicidal. The reason the species was almost extinct was because there was so much infighting that they all but decimated their own ranks. 
Shane knew that every time he shifted to his Leopard form, it only served as a reminder of what he was. Not only to others, but to himself as well. Because, as cowardly as it sounded, Shane would have given just about anything to be another breed. Anything would have been better than to be so hated just because of what birth made him. 
As always, Trevor seemed to read his mind. The Panther gently cupped Shane’s face. “Shift for me. I love you—all of you.” 

An emotion shot through Shane, it was so uncommon and unexpected, he almost didn’t recognize it, but yet here it was—fear. 
Trevor gave him a tender smile. “You should know by now that I don’t care that you’re a Leopard. You’re my mate, what’s more, you’re my hero. And nothing will ever change that. So, please, shift for me. It kills me to see you suffering like this. Not only that, but you’re getting blood all over the place and you know how I hate to clean that crap up.” 
Shane let out a weak laugh. “Okay, I’ll do it. But only for you.” 
Taking a couple steps back, Shane closed his eyes and let his Leopard take over. A bright light shimmered over his body as he seamlessly shifted. He only held his animal form long enough for the healing to take effect, before he transformed back to his human side. 
Looking down, he saw that while his shirt was still stained with blood, there didn’t seem to be any fresh seepage coming through. Just to be sure, he ripped off his shirt and tossed it to the side. A sigh of relief went through him as he saw all that remained of the scratches were some faint red marks. Raising a hand to his face, he felt that those wounds had healed, too. 
Trevor stepped in close again and pressed their lips together in a kiss so tender it made an ache build up in Shane’s chest. How Trevor could still want him, even after seeing the worst of him, still puzzled Shane.  

“Stop thinking so much,” Trevor whispered between kisses. 
Shane did just that, bringing his arms up to hold Trevor in a tight embrace. Breaking the kiss, Shane finally gave into one of his biggest urges and buried his nose in the nape of Trevor’s neck. Breathing in deep, Shane allowed the scent of his mate to wash away all the lingering ill feelings left over from the night’s events. 
When Trevor brought his arms up to return the embrace, Shane felt as if he finally was free from all the terrors of his past, if only for that moment. 
“You are the only reason I feel anything. Before you, I was just a dead shell,” Shane said, the words coming out rough because it was still hard for him to share his emotions that way. 
“And I’m never going anywhere. I don’t care if you stayed in your Leopard most of the time.” Trevor chuckled as he nuzzled Shane’s cheek. 
Shane returned the gesture, making it so they equally exchanged scents. That way any shifter who came within five feet of them would know that they were claimed and off limits. 
Trevor finally pulled away, then took Shane’s hand. “Come on.” 

“Where are you taking me?” Shane asked, even as he began to let Trevor led the way. 
“No offense, but you’re still covered in blood and I’m not about to let you get into bed and mess up my sheets. I just got the stains out from the last time you pulled that stunt.” 
Shane laughed as they walked into the bathroom. He stood still and let Trevor do all the work, the Panther slowly stripping off the remainder of Shane’s clothes. Even going so far as to kneel at Shane’s feet and unlace his boots. 
Once Shane was nude, Trevor stripped, then turned on the shower. Taking Shane inside, Trevor tenderly washed every inch of Shane before trailing soft kisses over the nearly healed scratch marks. 
They were both hard with need, but neither one made the encounter sexual. Rather, it was a tender moment of one mate tending to the other’s needs. It was something that just a few years ago, Shane never thought would happen to him. Yet, there Trevor was, treating Shane as if he were important and loved. 
Afterward, Trevor turned off the water and carefully dried them off before leading Shane to the bed. They crawled under the covers and got into their usual sleeping position of Shane spooning Trevor in a tight embrace. 
“How come I’m always the little spoon? I’m a couple inches taller than you,” Trevor grumbled good-naturedly. 
“Because I can only sleep if I know I have you protected,” Shane replied honestly. 

“You do realize I can handle myself in a fight. I may not be some highly trained assassin like you, but I’m one of the coalition’s best soldiers.” 
“I know, I still haven’t gotten over that time you were captured though,” Shane admitted. 
Only with Trevor could he lay himself out like that. Trevor let out soft sigh as he placed a tender kiss on Shane’s forearm. 

“I’m not going anywhere so go ahead and fall sleep. I promise I will always be here when you get up.” 
So many others had broken promises to Shane in the past, but he knew Trevor would never do that to him. Shane closed his eyes and let himself drift off. 
He was so tired and he knew that he had a huge battle ahead of him. Lily was still out there and something told Shane that he would be tangling with the bitch sooner rather than later.   


The Chronicles of Shane-Part Two

Posted on October 6, 2011 at 7:53 PM Comments comments (42)
Shane walked to his car as he continued to mull the problem of the Scorpion. The biggest question of all was how in hell was he going to kill her? Scorpions were known to be damn wily and this chick was the worst of all. 

The corner of his lip lifted into a snarl as he recalled the last time he’d tangled with her. It’d ended with him having a more than a few broken bones. And since Shane still lived with his sadistic guardian at the time, he hadn’t been allowed to shift to heal the wounds. So, that had resulted in a long, painful recovery, of which he spent every second cursing her name—Lily. 

What in the hell kind of name was that for a poisonous shifter anyway? The name always made Shane think of a soft, gentle, nice woman. It sure as hell didn’t bring forth an image of a six-foot, toned, dark-haired, she-devil who wouldn’t know a fair fight in it came up and slapped her across her overly made-up face. 

Just the thought of having to deal with her made him cranky, so when he caught the slight scent of two Hyenas tracking him, it made him snarl. 
Not even bothering to glance back at them, Shane growled, “I am so not in the mood for this bullshit.” 
“Too bad, because it’s coming your way,” came the nasally reply. 
Shane paused, cocking his head to the side. “Did you really just say that? Come on, not even the worst Western or action flick uses that line anymore.” 
“What’s wrong with it?” 

 “Besides the fact that it’s so 1980s? I really don’t have time to list all of them.” 

“Are you going to turn around and face us?” 

“Why not?” 
Shane sighed. “Because, you bore me.” 
“What? You think just because you’re the great Shane that we’re beneath you?” 
The Great Shane? Hmm…I may have to get some business cards and shirts printed up with that. It really has a nice ring to it.” 
Just as he hoped for, that final taunt finally snapped the Hyenas’ thin thread of self-control. The air filled with the sounds of snarls, then the pounding of footsteps. 
Shane flicked his wrists, allowing two blades to slide down his sleeves, the hilts resting firmly into the palms of his hands. 

It wasn’t until he could nearly feel their breath on the back of his neck that Shane turned. At the same time, he swung the blades out, both of them connecting and slicing into flesh. 
The coppery tang of blood filled his nostrils along with the acrid scent of fear. Unfortunately, or maybe in this case fortunately, neither smell was new to Shane. One could say he’d even been weaned on them. 
“You just couldn’t leave well enough alone, could you?” he spat as he brought the blades back in to position at his sides. 
He tensed, ready for another attack and the damn Hyenas didn’t disappoint. While he’d injured them, they still had plenty of fight left. A fact one of the assholes proved when he swiped his claws out. 
Shane ducked, but wasn’t fast enough. A soft hiss passed his lips as the claws ripped into the right side of his face. More blood spilled onto the pavement and damned if it wasn’t his this time. 
Well, that just wouldn’t do. It wouldn’t do at all. 
“Now, you’ve gone and really pissed me off,” Shane growled. 
He finally got a good eyeful of his attackers, and to say he was unimpressed would have been an understatement. 
It wasn’t so much that they were both scrawny and wore dirty clothes. No, it was the fact they both had frigging mullets. While Shane may not be into fashion like his guardian, Dalton, he still knew that was just a no-no. 

 “I never did like Hyenas,” Shane said, spitting out a mouthful of blood because the claws had gone all the way through his cheek. “Not only are you guys skeezy, but some of you hurt a couple of friends of mine. And I happen to fiercely protect those close to me.” 
The Hyenas moved in again, but this time Shane was done playing. He swung the blades around, this time with the intent to seriously maim. While he wasn’t ticked enough to outright kill them, he wanted them to at least limp for the rest of their lives. 
Dropping down to his knees, he brought the blades around and cut into the back of the Hyenas’ ankles, slicing into their achillies tendons. 
They let out loud shrieks before they both dropped to the ground. One of them still managed to reach out and strike Shane again, this time the claws digging into his chest. 
Shane bit back a curse as pain coursed through his body. Shit, that’d been his best shirt, too. Now the damn thing was ruined. Even if he could get the blood out, there was no way he’d ever be able to mend the tears. 

He briefly debated taking his gun out and shooting the bastard for the offense, but in the end he let it go. Not only had his coalition leader forbade him from killing unless it was absolutely necessary, but Shane also promised Trevor he’d cut down on the homicide. 
Just thinking that name soothed the anger in Shane. All of a sudden, he had an intense longing to hold his mate in his arms. To be able to bury his nose in the nape of Trevor’s neck and drink in the sweet scent of the man. 
He got up, completely disregarding the Hyenas, who were rolling around and shrieking in pain. He didn’t even give them a backward glance as he got into his car. 
His fingers shook a bit as he turned on the engine, either from the blood loss or the adrenaline crash. The drive home was short, however, so he made it there without further incident. 
As he stepped out, he took a moment to glance over the exterior of the old farmhouse that he and his mate now lived in. Shane carefully searched out each shadow and recess for signs of possible threats. Not that he expected any at the moment, but old habits died hard. 
Only when he was certain that all was clear and his mate was safe, did Shane relax. He walked onto the porch, stumbling, as his vision began to swim a bit. 
Shit, the chest wound must have been deeper than he thought. He put a hand to his shirt, wincing when he realized just how badly he was bleeding. 
A normal shifter would have noticed it sooner, but Shane was far from normal. He’d been taught from an early age to ignore such trivial things as pain or blood loss, so it wasn’t until things became really bad that he became concerned. 
He opened the door, his hands leaving behind streaks of blood on the white wood. Oops, that was sure to piss Trevor off. He hated it when things were messy. Which never failed to surprise Shane, since he himself was the biggest mess of all, yet Trevor still managed to fall in love with him. 
The inside of the home was dark, but Shane didn’t need any lights to guide his way. With his enhanced feline vision, he could see as clear as if it were day. 
He went directly to the master bedroom and paused at the entrance to study his mate. Trevor slept on his side, one hand tucked under his cheek. His plump lips were slightly parted, a lock of his dark hair falling over his pale face, the contrast of colors coming off as near perfection. 

And yet everybody claimed it was Shane who had the angelic features. How wrong they were. In Shane’s opinion there was only one angel and it was his Panther. 
Trevor’s lids blinked open, his green-eyed gaze instantly becoming alert. “Shane? Are you okay?” 

Since he knew Trevor no doubt already smelled the blood, Shane didn’t lie. “No, I may have been nicked a bit.” 
Even as he said that, a fresh wave of blood surged from his wound, droplets falling to the hardwood floors with a quick succession of splatters. Yeah, there was no doubt about it, Shane was making a real mess. 
Well, damn. This isn’t how I planned for my evening to end.    

The Chronicles of Shane-Part One

Posted on September 22, 2011 at 11:06 AM Comments comments (210)
The shifter-owned bar smelled just exactly the same as it had the last time Shane had been there—stinky as hell.

Maybe Shane shouldn’t be too judgmental of the owner. After all, it must be damn hard to clean up after so many different breeds of shifters. They were all present—Cheetahs, Wolves, Ravens, Hawks and even an Alligator were all in their human forms, lounging around the run-down, dive.

And a dive it was. From the rough, stained wood floors, to the pitted walls that were covered in a god-awful shade of brown paint. No doubt the color had been chosen for its ability to hide stains, but that didn’t make it any less of an eyesore.

Shane quickly cast his gaze around the place, looking for both threats and possible exits, should things become froggy. Which they had the tendency to do whenever he was involved. As both Leopard and assassin, danger seemed to forever be by his side.

Maybe he didn’t like it to be that way, but that didn’t matter. That was the way things always were and he didn’t see them changing any time soon.

Pulling his dark hood over his head, he slowly walked to the back of the buidling. He could feel the curious stares practically burning holes into his dark, black uniform, but chose to ignore them, since he had a bigger target in his sights—the Jackal shifter tending bar.

Tacked to the wall by the bartender’s head was a poster of Shane. It wasn’t an actual photo, but rather an artist’s rendition. They still managed to capture his big doe eyes, soft, short, curly, brown hair and youthful face. Some liked to call his looks angelic. Rather than be offended by the observation, Shane embraced it. After all, it was much easier to take out a target when they assumed that their stalker was just an innocent kid who didn’t have a clue.

Unfortunately for him, his reputation preceded him this instance. By the time he reached the bar, the Jackal was shaking and a visible sheen of sweat had built up on the man’s bald head. Several tattoos were on his head and face, they were of various designs, most of which could be considered mildly offensive. Shane nearly rolled his eyes when he spotted one that was a hand with its middle finger extended. That gem marked the middle of the Jackal’s forehead. Subtle must be a word that this idiot had never heard of.

Shane flashed a cold smile at the shifter. It was the same grin Shane always used when he wanted to scare the shit out of somebody. Funny how a friendly gesture could be so dame terrifying at times.

“Hello, I was wondering if you could answer some questions for me.”

Might as well start off polite. While Shane already knew things would be getting physical and dirty, he did want to be able to tell his coalition leader that he’d tried to play nice at first.

The Jackal pointed a shaking finger to the poster. “You’re not allowed in here.”

Shane tilted his head to the side, studying the picture as if it were the first time he noticed it. “Hmmm…look at that, you guys don’t want me here. Now that just hurts my feelings.”

“What do you expect? You’re a barbarian.”

Now Shane directed that assessing glare at the Jackal. “This coming from a guy who has a topless woman tattooed on his cheek? Consider me not concerned about any opinion you may have.”

“Why don’t you just leave?”

The Jackal then did something so dumb Shane almost couldn’t believe it. The inked up jerk lifted the corner of his lip and snarled, which in the shifter world was a clear sign of aggression. Aggravated, Shane was tempted to reach over the bar to teach the asshat a lesson. In the end, Shane held back but only because he needed the guy alive and talking. Besides, Shane knew that the shifter was never going to back up his threat. Not only did the Jackal still have that sweating thing going on, but the fear rolled off him in waves. So Shane realized the bartender was only reacting to the ball-numbing terror he was experiencing.

“I’m feeling really nice tonight so I’m going to let your behavior slide,” Shane said in the calm tone he knew always spooked others so much. “But one more fuckup and I’m going to introduce you to my favorite dagger.”

“You wouldn’t dare. Your leader won’t allow you to just run around and hurt at will like you used to.”

Whipping out his dagger, Shane buried the tip into the rough wood of the bar, the blade missing the Jackal’s hand by mere inches.The bartender froze, a small whimper passing though his lips.

“Heads up, Mitchell pays me to hurt people so you better start getting cooperative real quick or else I’m going to do some overtime on your ass.”

The Jackal swallowed hard a few times, his wide-eyed gaze never leaving the dagger. “What is that you want?”

“There’s been some feline families being attacked. Now, I’m sure you heard from the last time when the snake shifters were doing that kind of shit how cranky it makes us when other felines are threatened. I want to know who’s behind it.”

“I don’t know anything. I swear.”

Shane made tsking noises as he shook his head. “Now, Jackie, you’re just insulting me.”

Going by the way the Jackal cringed, he was either even more afraid or annoyed at the nickname Shane just laid on him. Not caring either way, Shane continued, “This is exactly the kind of place slime comes to relax and I know how talky those idiots can be once they have some booze in their system, so don’t piss around and tell me you haven’t heard anything. We both know that’s not true.”

“Okay, just don’t cut me, please. I may have heard that it was a group of Scorpion shifters. There’s some woman that’s leading them and she’s supposed to be mean.”

“Even meaner than me?” Shane blinked innocently.

Jackie nodded. “They say that she makes even you look sane.”

Shane pulled out the blade, satisfied that he had what he needed. Without bothering to say goodbye or fuck off, he turned and left. The entire time his mind was mulling over the new information and what he was coming up with wasn’t good at all.

He had a sneaky suspicion about who the Jackal was talking about and if so, the felines were in deep shit. Scorpions were bad to begin with, but this bitch was the worst of  all. And her hatred for felines knew no bounds.