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Author Stephani Hecht

A little nice and a lot of naughty

The Sensual World of Stephani Hecht


Riley's Regret-Available Tomorrow at eXtasy Books!

Posted on May 14, 2011 at 9:11 PM


Hawk shifter Colin has been mentoring Eagle shifter Riley for several months now. Because Eagle shifters are so rare, Riley is constantly in danger of being captured and forced into slavery, so Colin has his hands full with training Riley to be a halfway decent soldier, protecting the younger man from their enemies, and trying to fight the growing attraction they have for one another. Then Colin discovers a bigger threat to Riley, more dangerous than all the others. Riley can’t run away from this threat, either, since it comes from within him. Will Colin be able to save Riley from himself, or will the Eagle be lost to his own internal demons?

“How long am I going to have to put up with having one of you by my side all the time?”

“For as long as it takes for this spell to pass over,” Noah answered in a soft voice.

Riley let out a sigh and damned if it didn’t hitch a bit. While part of him realized that the concern came from love, another part of him felt pissed. Why couldn’t they just leave him alone? Just because he lost his temper a couple of times didn’t mean he was going to lose his mind again. Riley had everything under control this time. He was stronger and older, so there was no reason for them to start acting like a bunch of grandmas.

“Fine, but I still say it’s a big waste of energy. I’m doing okay.”

“No offense, Riley, but sometimes you’re the worst judge of that.”

“Whatever.” Riley gave a faked indifferent shrug. “Can we just go home? If Papa Hawk notices I’m missing, he’s going to piss kittens.”

A strong hand came from behind and gripped Riley by the nape of the neck. “Too late, he’s already noticed.”

Noah paled, while Riley let out yelp. Even though he couldn’t see the speaker, he instantly recognized the voice as Colin. Oh gig, the shit is up.

Colin pulled Riley in closer so his back was nearly flush against the Hawk’s strong chest. Under any other situation, Riley would have been thrilled to find himself in that position. At that moment, however, fear filled him. Colin wasn’t just angry, the fury felt nearly palpable as it rolled from him.

“Tell me, Eagle, what is the number one rule that you’re supposed to follow?” Colin demanded.

“That if you eat out, it’s a good idea to only eat two thirds of your plate, because serving sizes are out of control?”

Noah let out a groan while the Colin’s grip tightened to the point of painful.

“You want to try that again?” Colin growled, his lips just inches from Riley’s ear.

“Always make sure to put the seats back down when using the cast bathrooms because the female Hawks get bitch-slap angry if you don’t?”

This time Noah hissed a low curse as he shook his head in disbelief. Not that Riley blamed him. He didn’t know why he was letting loose with such suicidal, idiotic statements either. Colin gave him a little shake and Riley let out a squawk that sounded much like his Eagle half.

A burning heat covered his cheeks as several humans cast amused and curious glances his way. Great, now he’d committed the most cardinal shifter sin of all, to never, ever, ever bring attention to their kind. Desperate to make amends, he flashed a huge smile and waved to the crowd.

“Don’t worry, folks. While he is going to take me home and spank me, I like it.”

Categories: eXtasy Books, the lost shifter series

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Reply Kim
8:15 PM on May 24, 2011 
When will the book Riley's Regret be available to Amazon? I have a android phone and would like to put the book on my phone.
Reply Stephani Hecht
2:17 AM on May 25, 2011 
Hi, Kim! It should be up at Amazon in the next week or so. I'll try to remember to come back her and post the link once it goes live.
Reply Stephani Hecht
5:04 PM on May 25, 2011 
Here's the Amazon link for Riley's Regret:
7:14 PM on June 15, 2011 
I've been waiting for Ians story in the drone vampire chronicals series forever when is that going to come out??? (Rileys story was awsome and kinda heart breaking)
Reply Stephani Hecht
12:56 AM on June 16, 2011 
I've been waiting for Ians story in the drone vampire chronicals series forever when is that going to come out??? (Rileys story was awsome and kinda heart breaking)
Ian will be getting his own book(s) for sure. In fact his story is coming next. ;-)
Reply Online Quran For Kids
5:17 PM on December 22, 2013 
Kim says...
When will the book Riley's Regret be available to Amazon? I have a android phone and would like to put the book on my phone.

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