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Author Stephani Hecht

A little nice and a lot of naughty

The Archangel Series

Betrayed and almost murdered by his first true love, Nathaniel wants nothing to do with any female angel. Which is why when Chief Archangel Michael sends him on mission, Nathaniel picks the one female to be on his team that he knows he’s safe with, Jules. For years Jules has lived with his family and, while he’s grown protective of her, he’s never been attracted to her. To him she’s just one of the guys, a pal, a fellow angel warrior, certainly not someone he is sexually attracted to.Forced to leave her family behind in Heaven when the angel warriors rebelled, Jules has always kept her emotions closely guarded. While she has watched all her friends find their mates, she has been happy to be unattached, devoting herself fully to the angel warrior cause. When she finds out she has to go with Nathaniel on a mission, she doesn’t even think twice. While many other angels fear him because he’s so broody and intense, she knows deep down he has a soft side.To their horror, the more time they spend together, the more they find themselves drawn to each other. It couldn’t come at a worse time 

either. They have to fight a demon uprising that could end the world. Plus, they have to contend with the third member of their team, a freshly trained angel warrior healer, who is terrified of demons and can’t even use her weapon without accidently harming innocents.Then something happens that threatens not only the future of all humanity, but the angel warriors as well. Will Nathaniel and Jules be able to stop it? Or will they lose everything--even each other and what could have been?


"Don't worry, Jules, I'll always protect you." The words were out before he could stop them. The smile left her face as she suddenly grew serious.

"Yes, the Lehor brothers have always made sure to watch out for their little pests." Her mouth turned down into a frown.

"Is that honestly how you think I see you?" Didn't she realize how much she meant to the family? To him?

"Don't you?" she challenged.

His feet seemed to move of their own accord and he soon found himself standing just inches from her. "When I look at you, I see a female of worth. One who I feel honored to have at my back when I go into battle. You want to know what else I see?"

"What?" She tilted her head up to look at him.

He became painfully aware of how close her lips were. It would only take the simplest of movements and he'd finally know how she tasted. "I see someone who is way too damn fine looking for her own good. It's a wonder we don't have our hands full keeping the males away from you." His hand itched to reach up and stroke her cheek. The flesh looked so soft, inviting. How long had it been since he'd felt a loving caress? Damn, had he really ever? Even when he'd been with Belora, she'd been so cold and distant. Just once, he would like to know a gentle touch.

"You're just saying that because you're my friend. Nobody looks at me that way," she replied, her voice just a husky whisper.

The sensual undertone to it had his body tightening with need. It was enough for him to throw caution aside and act on his need. He leaned forward so his lips were just inches from her ear. "Guess what, Jules? I'm looking at you that way, now." When he noticed she was trembling, he asked, "Does that scare you?"

"No, because I'm looking at you that way, too."

Nathaniel closed his eyes against the wave of ball-crunching desire that shot through him. "You have no idea what you're starting here, Jules," he warned in a low voice. Part of him hoped she got the message and ran, the other half hoped to all that was holy she stayed so they could see how this all played out.

"I'm pretty sure I do. I'm a big girl." Despite her brave words, she took in a hitching breath.

"I've vowed to never mark another female. I can't go through that loss again." He felt he owed it to her to let her know all the facts before she went in. Since angels mated for life, if they took things too far and fucked, they would forever be bonded.

"I never said I wanted your tramp stamp," she replied.

When a male angel found his mate, he would touch the female the first time they made love and leave behind his family symbol on his mate's flesh. Since they resembled tattoos, many angels had dubbed them tramp stamps as a joke.

Hearing that she didn't want the Lehor tiger stung at his pride a bit, despite him having brought it up first, but he pushed that aside, knowing it was for the best. "So how far are you willing to let me go?" he crooned as he ran one finger up her cheek.

"A gal's gotta keep some secrets?" she tossed back.

Despite her sexy attitude, he caught the nerves rolling off her. They were so potent he could almost taste it, but he detected arousal, too.

"I should stay far away from you. Cam would have my hide if he knew what I was planning on doing to one of his best empaths." Michael would, too, for that matter. They were here to find out the threat to the city, not for Nathaniel to answer the needs of his cock.

Still he couldn't make himself step away from her.

"I won't tell if you don't." She inched her mouth closer to him.