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Author Stephani Hecht

A little nice and a lot of naughty

The Blue Line Hockey Series

Sometimes love really can conquer all


While growing up, Zimon always lived in his older brother’s shadow. While his sibling went on to join the military and came back a war hero, things grew even worse as Zimon’s life spiraled out of control, and he found himself in a dark place where he came close to losing his life.

When Zimon’s brother fell in love, all the rules changed in their once nice, neat life, and Zimon finds himself in the role of supporting his brother in his newest dream, opening and running the biggest hockey rink in the metro Detroit area. While Zimon had never envisioned his future being the manager at the front service desk of a rink, it beats working as a shot-boy at the gay club, so he jumps at the chance for the new job. 

Bryce never imagined that, while at the height of his NHL career, he’d find himself becoming part owner of a rundown hockey rink. Yet that’s exactly what happens when a group of his friends get it in their crazy heads to start the new business. One day when he’s in town, he decides to check the place out. When he clashes with the bratty, yet cute, man running the front desk, Bryce is both annoyed and intrigued.

Will Zimon and Bryce ever be able to get over their differences? Or will the final buzzer sound before they find a way to happiness?


Damn it! The last thing Bryce had ever expected to find when he came to visit his old friend, Aldrich, was the most annoying, fuckable brat in the world instead.

There was no denying it, though, because there stood said brat on the other side of the counter wearing a face that was so annoying that it was cute. Deciding to see just how angry he could make Zimon, Bryce upped the ante a bit.

“Really? From what I heard, you sleep with just about anybody.”

Zimon hissed at him…actually hissed. Like some sort of cat who had its hackles up. “I made a personal vow to never screw jerks, so that leaves you high and dry. Besides, since when have you been gay? All the papers show pictures of you and your girlfriend.”

It was true that Bryce had made sure that there were plenty of pictures of him and Jennifer out there. What most people didn’t know was that Jennifer was his best friend and nothing more. She went out and played the role as his girlfriend as a favor to him. While the Cantons and some of their friends may have no problem being out and proud, Bryce didn’t know if he’d ever be able to take that big of a risk. He had a lot of endorsement deals and he knew without a doubt they’d dry up if it were to come to light that he was gay.

“Maybe I just want to have some fun,” Bryce suggested.

Zimon rolled his adorable soft-blue eyes. “God, I hate it when the closet cases come on to me. I have one rule in life…”

“Just one?”

“I never do guys who still claim to be into girls.”

“Why is that?”

“It causes too much drama.”

“Funny, you strike me as the type who loves to swim neck-deep in drama.”

Zimon shot him a look that was probably meant to be menacing, but only came off like a puppy growling to warn somebody away from its bone. “Do you need anything? I was about to close up, and since I do have to open up early, I would like to get home, so I can at least get a few hours of sleep.”

“I just want to take a quick look around the place.”


“Sure, why not? After all, I did dump a ton of money into this rink, so, it’s only right I get to see my investment.”

Before Zimon could issue any further protests, Bryce walked around and opened the door, so he could get behind the counter.

“What are you doing?” Zimon demanded, throwing his hands up in exasperation.

“I already told you that…taking a look around.”

Bryce began to move some of the paperwork around. When he heard Zimon let out a sputter and turned to see him wringing his hands, Bryce knew he’d finally found one of the punk’s weak spots. Oh, oh. It looked like the office manager had a titch of OCD in him.

Purposefully messing the papers up more, Bryce asked, “Are you the only one who works back here?”

Zimon reached around him and began a feeble attempt at restoring order. “Yes, why?”

“Because, it looks like hell. How can anybody figure out what’s going on?”

Anger flashed through Zimon’s eyes. “I’ll have you know that everything is perfectly organized. Or at least it was until you went all caveman