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Author Stephani Hecht

A little nice and a lot of naughty

The Cob Brothers Series

When the sea god’s only son is told his fated mate is the marine biologist of his extremely wet dreams, Reef is beyond thrilled. Unfortunately, becoming human is harder than he thought, and if he doesn’t get the Arian Prince to acknowledge their blossoming love, he could become nothing but sea foam. In this next story of the Cob Brothers, Swan Prince meets the Little Merman, and the stakes have never been higher as the battle over Aria continues to spill over to Earth.


Fisher Cob sat on a log of driftwood and looked out over the sea. The waves crashed against the boulders, sending up bright sprays of water into the sky. Oceans called to him, they always had. Something about the movement of the waves, the smell of salty wetness and the feeling of utter peace the ocean gave him banished his homesickness.

As much as he loved the kingdom of Aria, he was going to miss Earth when he went home. Last time they’d talked, his brother Landon had said they were heading back to Aria soon. Although he would return when his brother, the future king, demanded, Fisher had mixed feelings about going home. The man he’d been dating on and off for the past three months wasn’t permanent mate material, Fisher knew that. Nonetheless, Jimmy had been entertaining. Fisher would miss the freedom to date whoever he wanted without the entire court watching. At least on Earth, he knew men dated him because they liked him, not due to his royal status.Fisher wasn’t looking for something permanent, unlike Landon, who had the entire kingdom on his shoulders.

Fisher just wanted to have a good time. Luckily, his relationship with Jimmy was winding down. He could tell by the fidgety way their dates had gone lately that his semi-boyfriend was looking for greener pastures. Since Jimmy’s disappointment in their relationship aligned neatly with Fisher going back to Aria, he didn’t really have any motivation to try and fix it. A bit selfish of him, he knew, but Fisher didn’t like confrontation. Another reason he enjoyed being second in line for the throne instead of first. He didn’t have the skills necessary to run an entire kingdom. No, he was content with being second and following his brother’s lead in life.

A shiver pimpled his skin, making him realize that, with the sun going down, he should’ve brought a jacket. Shaking his head at his lack of preparation, Fisher stood up and skipped a stone across the water. His eyes followed the stone until he heard a loud, “Ouch.”

“What the hell?”

Squinting his eyes, Fisher tried to make out anything among the waves. Was someone swimming out there? He couldn’t see a soul, and the sunlight from the setting sun reflected brilliantly across the water and prevented any good visibility. “Hello,” he shouted.

No response.


If he hadn’t imagined the voice, the person must be all right. After all, if he’d knocked them unconscious with that little rock, they wouldn’t have been able to yell.

“Hey, Fisher.” Jimmy’s voice reached him over the sound of the waves.

He spun around in surprise. “Jimmy, what are you doing here?”

Jimmy gave him a bashful smile. “I wanted to have dinner together. I knew this is your favorite spot when you have time to yourself. I thought I’d take a chance and swing by.”

Fisher’s stomach growled. Looking up into Jimmy’s friendly green eyes, he smiled. “Sure, that would be great.”

He knew Jimmy didn’t harbor any deep feelings for him. There was too much laid-back surfer boy in Jimmy to obsess about anyone. They might not have a hot romance, but there was nothing wrong with friends with benefits as Earth people called it. He went to the tips of his toes and let Jimmy tug him closer.

“Mmm,” he moaned against Jimmy’s mouth.

Jimmy wrapped his hands around Fisher’s hips and pulled him tight in an unexpected show of passion. Fisher tried to ease back. They were out in public, and Earth people didn’t show affection between men as openly as they did in Aria.

“What the hell!” Jimmy let Fisher go as a wave washed over the men, breaking them apart. “But it’s low tide,” Jimmy exclaimed as the water swirled around his calves.

Fisher laughed as their pants became soaked to the skin.

Ominous dark clouds rolled across the water. Fisher frowned. “Let’s get out of this weird weather.”

Arms looped through each other’s, they made their way across the sand and out of the tumultuous sea.Jimmy laughed. “That was freaky.”

Fisher nodded, but he couldn’t help looking back. If they were in Aria, he would’ve suspected magic, but everyone knew that just didn’t happen on Earth.